Pink Ribbon Puppies, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to honor all the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and loved ones currently fighting breast cancer, all the women who have fought before, and all those who will fight in years to come.  

Pink Ribbon Puppies is pleased to announce that our 2014 wall calendar featuring photographs of puppies in pink is available for purchase -- and 100% of net proceeds will be once again be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® in search for a CURE!  In addition, Pink Ribbon Puppies is selling holiday cards, note cards, greeting cards and a variety of other gift items. Check back often as we roll out new products!



Pink Ribbon Puppies, Inc. was initially inspired by an unexpected turn of events when a Texas woman’s routine mammogram detected a suspicious mass in July 2010. The early stage breast cancer diagnosis was confirmed a week after breeding her Labrador Retriever and as much as she was looking forward to raising the puppies, it was decided that she should focus on healing and leave puppy rearing to a trusted friend.  The nine yellow puppies arrived on September 8, 2010 and as a tribute to the battle their ‘other mother’ was fighting, the pups each wore a different color pink ribbon and the litter was dubbed the ‘Pink Ribbon’ litter.  Before the puppies even arrived, the project planning began and within weeks the house had turned pink!  The puppies’ whelping box was lined with pink fleece, filled with pink stuffed animals and squeaky toys, and pink flowers filled pink vases in every room!  And best of all, early detection meant the cancer was easily treated and their ‘other mother’ was cured by the radiation.  A 2011 calendar featuring photos of the "Pink Ribbon" litter was a huge grassroots success.

Unfortunately, breast cancer has touched all of us in one way or another.  In December of 2012, another friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy starting in January 2013.  After a two-year hiatus, numerous requests for another calendar and some time to regroup, it was time to bring out the pink paraphernalia and give Pink Ribbon Puppies a facelift!  Our Pink Ribbon Puppies founder set out to find a Dallas-based pet photographer to develop a portfolio of unique images.  When Debbie Bryant of thank Dog. photography received an email about Pink Ribbon Puppies, she was immediately on board, having lost her mom to the disease in 2002.  Before long, the pink flooded in, filling rooms and cars and memory cards!  

Pink Ribbon Puppies, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


Thank you for supporting our project and remember to THINK PINK all year long!